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Come and play with me

Even if it means your death...

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This is my livejournal.
If you don't like what I say
Get the fuck out.
I don't want little annoying cunts bitching about what I write...
I will type whatever I want, whenever I want
Fuck you ♥

a static lullaby, abk, alcohol, alexisonfire, as i lay dying, astrid haven, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, axes, bass, before i go, being bitten, big money hustlas, biting, black, black and white photography, black eyeliner, black lights, black sabbath, blaze, bleeding through, bondage, boys night out, breath eyes memory, candy, cemetarys, chains, children of bodom, clown love, coloring books, colton grundy, concerts, converge, cradle of filth, crayons, daggers, dark lotus, dead poetic, dimmu borgir, dollies, dolls, drawing, emocore, esham, fairys, fairytales, faygo, fishnets in every color, forever ending, frankenstein dragqueens, friends, funeral for a friend, funky hair colors, gelly bracelts, ghouls, glitter, glowsticks, handcuffs, hatchets, heavy metal, hugs, icp, in memory of winter, industrial, jack off jill, jay and silent bob, jhonen vasquez, joker hats, jthm, juggalettes, juggalos, kinky, kittie, kmfdm, korn, kottonmouth kings, lace, laughter, licking, lollipops, lords of acid, marilyn manson, markers, mindless self indulgence, mourningstar, mudvayne, murderdolls, music, my room, my ruin, nin, nirvana, norma jean, orgy, otep, paint, photography, piercings, pink, playing, plur, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, purevolume, rammstein, rave, red, reggae, rob zombie, scarling, shmee, shoes, ska, skindred, skinny puppy, slipknot, smile empty soul, squee, stars, stickers, sublime, suckers, suicide machines, switchblade symphony, swords, system of a down, taco bell, tattoos, tears, tech n9ne, thunderstorms, tim burton, twiztid, uv, uv colors, white zombie, world domination, writing, wumpscut, yellowcard, zombies, zug izland